Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk

As mum’s I know we question our ability, our intentions and feel guilty for just about everything we do. We tend to think the worst and that we aren't a good enough parent, wife, friend and it can really have an effect on our self worth and self perception.

It’s so important that we learn to love ourselves and love who we are and to tell ourselves we are good enough, we are doing the best that we can and we are enough. Positive self talk is something we all need. Below are some ways that can help you stay positive and value your worth.

Listen -

We are always talking to ourselves, we all have an inner monologue, the first step is to really stop and listen to that inner monologue and what its saying, what you routinely say to yourself. You might not even realise that you're talking negatively to yourself so its important to become aware of your thoughts. Saying things like “I can’t” is a common resistance we all have. when you're listening to what you're telling yourself its easier to catch the negative thoughts and turn them around. overtime you say “I can’t” turn it around to “I can” The more you say it the more confidence you will grow and it will become part of your daily positive mantra.

Be Positive -

It may sound a little crazy but positive affirmations daily really make a huge difference. putting out what you want, what goal you want to achieve makes you more focused and accountable. It puts positivity into your life and the universe and in return its what you will get back. An affirmation is different to your inner monologue, you need to be clear and say it to yourself over and over again. the daily routine of affirmations will give way to a new set of beliefs and confidence.

Negative Influences -

Self worth is hard to obtain when you surround yourself with negative people. by identifying the factors in your life that have a negative impact on your thoughts, you will start to adopt these negatives as your own and in turn self depreciate and spiral. Be aware of these negative influences, limit your exposure to them and start surrounding yourself with encouraging, supportive likeminded people. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes to your life.

Self Kindness - 

Be Kind to yourself and others, you are going to make mistakes and you're going to learn from them but be kind to yourself about it. If you don’t make mistakes you cant grow, its all part of life. Staying positive and being kind to yourself will go a long way. 

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone -

Positive Self Talk goes a long way when you're starting something new or doubting your ability. Stepping outside your comfort zone is something that is difficult, scary and overwhelming but so worth it!! by asking yourself why you're scared, breaking it all down and telling yourself "You Can" instead of "You Can't" you will change your outlook. Changing your inner talk will change your views and each time you need to take that step outside the box, you will be able to find the positives and get excited about it, instead of worrying and trying to back out.

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