5 Things To Avoid When Blogging

5 Things To Avoid When Blogging

5 Things to Avoid When Blogging

When you are starting out with your blog, making mistakes is like a rite of passage.

However, if you follow these tips you should be able to avoid the basic mistakes.

1) Design

Try to steer clear of using a dark background with light text as readers find it too hard to read. Use a clean-cut design that’s easy to follow. Too many colours and sidebar clutter can distract the reader.

2) Privacy

It’s important to consider the topics you're writing about and your privacy. Writing your children’s names and where you live is risky. Make sure you are working your blogs in a way that you can still offer information, without giving the reader too much. For example, I use ‘Miss 8’ or ‘Mr 10’ as the names of our children, this can easily be changed as they grow up. It also allows the reader to know how old and the gender of my kids without giving out their names.

3) Use your platform correctly

There is nothing worse when a blog is used to whinge and whine about certain topics and life in general. I can tell you now, no one is going to want to read about how negative your life is or how much you hate something or someone. Be opinionated on certain topics and stand for what you believe, just keep your content from being a negative display and a trolling environment. Something that also doesn't sit well is opinions that don’t allow for anyone else’s views. When writing, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and whether it matches yours or not, it should not become an issue or turn hostile.

4) Try to have a queue

Feeling under pressure to get a blog out is the worst; having a backlog is always a good idea. This will give you more motivation to write, especially if you know you have time up your sleeve to tweak it and get it perfect. It also allows you more time to consider your subject choices and content.

5) Check your work

Reading a blog that has spelling and grammatical errors is not only annoying, it also reduces the credibility of your work. No one is perfect and mistakes happen, however, if your blog is riddled with constant spelling and punctuation mistakes it will reflect badly. Make sure you double and triple check your work. Before posting, consider having someone else go over your blog for you, just to make sure. 

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