Sick Week

My blog this week was put on the back burner after the week was filled with sick kiddies. We really can’t complain though, we’ve had a great 18 months of not even the slightest of sniffles. We were a little anxious when we learned that a big chunk of our youngest child’s class went down with a virus and our child was one of the only children left standing, I thought we were in the all clear. I think you can guess that I was WRONG and in obvious denial of the inevitable.

It started with our eight year old, who developed a fever that went on for six days; followed by our youngest with the same thing with a little tonsillitis thrown in; then the older two kids went down closer to the weekend much to their dismay as they calculated that they weren’t going to get the same amount of days off school! It's been a week full of clinginess, whinging, sniffles and grumpy children. That was also contagious as it resulted in a tired, whinging, grumpy (and worried) Mummy.

I used to get quite bad anxiety when the kids were younger and became ill. I would stay up all night religiously checking temperatures and giving cuddles, ice blocks, washers and movies at midnight just to get through the night. Now that the kids are older and they can tell me how they feel and handle a temperature a little better, my worry eases enough that I'm not hovering over them 24/7 and calling my husband at work every two seconds to ease my mind that we didn’t need to call an ambulance just yet.

As mother’s we all worry about our kids, especially when they are sick. I think it’s time to worry when my oldest is so sick she doesn't even have the energy to yell at me from her bedroom door; when the youngest doesn't complain about what's on her dinner plate; or when our eight year old misses her favourite show, Family Feud, because she can't get up out of bed.  I knew something was desperately wrong with my son when his hour for the computer came around on Saturday and he chose to spend it tucked up in bed instead. I think following your gut always helps and listening to that Mummy intuition when it comes to easing our minds and knowing when to step in and take the kids to the doctor or off to the hospital. Our week thankfully ended and the kids have now all turned the corner! Hopefully we’re all back on track for a fresh week!