Bali - The Next Episode

Bali; Part Two takes Heidi and I to one of the most beautiful hotels Bali has to offer. We arrived at the Westin Hotel in Nusa Dua and it was insanely stunning. As one of the most exclusive hotels in Bali, it had so much to offer and we were treated like queens from the moment we stepped foot in the lobby. We received presents upon arrival and our room was nothing short of gorgeous. The first thing we did after we took to social media to do the obligatory and probably eye rolling “sorry, not sorry show off post”, was explore the grounds. The Westin had two pools, beachfront cabanas, a day spay, restaurants galore and had some of the friendliest and most welcoming team of staff I have ever encountered. They weren't afraid to joke around with us which only added to the warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Upon entering our room our guide was quick to tell us that everything in the mini bar was ours for free! FREE?!?! Heidi and I looked at each other in excitement and could only muster a thrilled response of “Seriously?! Wow that's amazing and so generous!” Upon opening the mini bar fridge we were met with two bottles of water and a hysterical tour guide laughing his ass off at us. It was so funny and so well played!

We were both scheduled for two shoots at the Westin and upon exploring the grounds watching Heidi get so excited with the location and the lighting and the possibilities was the best. Heidi and I worked together for the first time back in February on a very long two week, very challenging international shoot. We bonded instantly and just clicked. I fell in love with the shots Heidi produced, her work ethic and her absolutely amazing ability and talent. She's not only a photographer but she's chief editor of her own magazine that showcases the most gorgeous models, locations and fashion spreads. I knew from the moment I met Heidi she was something special and to get to work with her and travel with her has been an amazing honour and privilege. We've become quite close, especially after sharing one bed the whole trip and the fear of flying we both have, which made for an interesting flight over, (our hands nearly didn't make it) I feel we work together so well and know what the other is thinking before we've done it. Heidi is definitely someone I now consider a close friend and we both share an intense passion and respect for our industry.

We didn't have much downtime and when we did we would sleep, but we were treated to a spa treatment in the hotels exclusive heavenly day spa. The one hour massage was bliss and so relaxing which was just what we both needed.

Although we didn't venture out of the hotel for two days, we didn't really need to, the choice of food was amazing, the beach was perfect and the pools were absolute paradise. We were extremely honoured to have shot and stayed at the Westin Nusa Dua. Details of the hotel are below and I very highly recommend this insanely amazing hotel for anyone traveling to Bali.

I have also put Heidi’s details below too, for anyone wanting to shoot with this amazing girl. Heidi is located in Sydney 😊

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali

Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua, BTDC lot N-3, Bali

Bali, 80363, Indonesia

Phone (62) (361) 771906

Heidi Hannele Huttunen

Instagram - @heidi_Hannele

Website –