Knowledge Dispels Fear

Knowledge Dispels Fear

 When I began writing Help! I'm a Tween-ager I kept coming back to this powerful quote "Knowledge dispels fear".  I wrote this book to provide comfort to young girls, to give them a bit of a heads up about what to expect and as much information to help them deal with the scary time that is puberty.

 As a mum, I wanted to provide as much detail about issues as I could, without being too overwhelming. I realised the reason a lot of girls, including my own daughter, were asking so many questions was due to varying levels of anxiety about what's happening, or about to happen, to their bodies. It was the scary and unknown that was eating at them.

 Giving these girls the safety of a book to help them learn and deal with what's going on, was my way of helping them through this difficult time. By adding my own experiences and other women whom I grew up with, I wanted to help quell the fear, even just knowing what's around the corner can be really beneficial when it comes to this age group.

 Help! I'm a Tween-Ager, covers topics relevant to girls aged 9-14. The book does not contain topics like sex and drugs which, although our kids are learning about earlier in the schoolyard and on the internet, seemed to overwhelming and not a necessity at this age. After talking to many mum's in regards to this, I found a lot of them were struggling to find a book, suitable for Tweens that didn't contain this unwanted content. I felt the same, girls are hitting puberty much early and although it's all relevant I didn't want my 11 year old learning about the effects of drugs and sex. What's happening to them, their emotions and bodies is enough for them to deal with, I felt adding any additional information would not be beneficial at this age and my reasearch has showed this was the case.

 I feel it's important to give our girls something to help guide them. My book is a conversation starter between parent and child, however, the book is written for a tween to read themselves. Parents can rest assured that they are giving their child a safe and informative book that is age and information appropriate. Just enough to hopefully help dispel the fears of growing up as a tween in this day and age.