Happy Birthday Nanna!

This weekend my Nanna is turning 90 years young!! My nanna is one of the most inspiring women in my life and I have learnt so much from her. We've always been close and between my three other siblings and three cousins, there were always fights as kids as to who's turn it was to have a sleepover at Nanna's house.

I believe my sense of family and the importance of family stemmed from the relationship we had. Growing up, nearly every single Sunday afternoon, would be dinner at my Nanna's. Everyone was there; my two parents, my three siblings, my two Aunties, my two Uncles and my three cousins who were all around the same age.

The memories of the adults playing cards outside on the deck drinking wine while us kids had endless movies and snacks inside... usually from Nanna's special chocolate drawer in the fridge which was always full of all our favourites. Summers were spent by the pool having competitions on who could swim the fastest. The kids would then all gather and walk to the local 7-11 to get a Slurpee each, thanks to Nanna of course! These times were some of the most fun times of my childhood.

On sleepovers with my sister and my cousin Melanie, Nanna would get the three of us in bed and share stories of our parents when they were kids. How they hated each other, fought all the time and the mischief they got upto would always end up in us laughing hysterically together. These are memories we all treasure.

As we all grew up and a lot of us moved away, the Sunday dinners came few and far between and I know it was a big hole in everyone's hearts when this realisation was made. When I became pregnant with my first baby, my Nanna was the one who told me to wear my spanks after the birth and to make sure I drank a glass of Guinness a week for my milk supply. Our daughter was my Nanna's first great-grandchild and her middle name is named after her, an incredible woman who I know my kids will look up to!  I remember we were at a family get together and our daughter was about three months old, she was crying and wasn't really settling. My Nanna took her to the back deck and I came out five minutes later, seeing her swaying Ava side to side singing"diddle, diddle dumpling my son John". Ava was fast asleep and that song forever became something so special and a moment I will always remember. Also, our "go to" calming song!

Twelve years later and my Nanna is still working every day, even more amazing and now has five great-grand daughters and five great-grandsons.  Her birthday will be celebrated with everyone on Sunday, sharing memories and being together.... and taking turns raiding the special chocolate drawer!