As a grown 32 year old, very happily married, mother of four. I really should feel embarrassed about the fact that I will be sitting at my computer at 5pm this afternoon, competing in a hunger games race against 12-17 year old's, for the tickets to see Harry Styles perform live on his first solo tour!

Yes I know I can see your eyes rolling now!! But, it's true, I'm in love with Harry and his new music and will do whatever it takes to get tickets to his show. I've lined up my team of eight others to help with my chances. I will have an instant group chat set up and the first person to get through to the site and successfully book tickets will have partial ownership of my soul! 

I requested help from these eight amazing people, In order to help they had to register for an account and to be available between 4:50 and 5:10 to watch the countdown and pounce. (His UK tickets sold out in under one minute) I was met with various responses, three people had no idea who Harry Styles was until I explained his 1D past..

"Ohhhh that guy on the mugs you have in your cupboard, yeah sure"

But mostly I was met with a laughing face emoji, followed by "oh wait, of course you're serious".

Yes, yes I am deadly serious and would most probably sell my husband to the highest bidder to get access to Mr Styles!

If you have followed my journey you would know how much One Direction means to me and how much these tickets mean. Yes I'm the subject of laughs every Christmas with the extended family, when my secret Santa present is a new 1D mug or T-Shirt (which I secretly wear to bed) or a pair of PJ's from the kids for Mother's Day, which come from the kids section in Target because, grown women don't tend to wear Harry Styles head on their nightie to bed. I own all their books and albums but my husband stopped me from putting the bedspread on the bed, not because he was crushing my dream of sleeping with Harry, but because you can't get a One Direction king bed cover.. He did suggest sewing two doubles together knowing that was a safe call as sewing and I are not fond of one another.

So in reality I'll be a sobbing mess for the next week if I don't get these tickets, but I will be eternally grateful that I have the most amazing supportive friends who dropped everything to help me........ and I'll just end up being one of those crazed fans sneaking into the venue in a bin 😝