Help! I'm a Tween-Ager - A Girl's Guide to Puberty

This week I was lucky enough to release my first solo book.

 "Help! I'm a Tween-Ager - a girls guide to puberty"

This book has been a thought in my head for the past three years and I finally put pen to paper eight months ago. It's been such a rewarding and inspiring few months, researching compiling and talking with Tween girls about their lives, their questions and the things they want to know.

Creating a new book is something that I love, it's exciting and being part of the entire process from start to finish is something incredible. The book started out as I have a daughter fast approaching 12 years old, who was bombarding me with so many questions relating to puberty. I'm also very fortunate and grateful to have a large loyal Instagram following a lot of which, are young girls. I receive so many private messages from these girls asking questions and advice from me. I take that responsibility extremely seriously, talking to them and offering advice as I would do with my own daughter. I want to give the right answers and the right advice. Having vulnerable girls trust you with so much means you need to act vigilant and factual, try to get the life experiences and the messages of a parent across without sounding too much like one!  I also found humour was a great way to put a spin on the overwhelming topics these girls were asking about.

During the first month of research I realised there wasn't many books on puberty aimed at 9-13 year olds. I'd spoken to many mum's who also had the same concerns. I didn't want my 11 year old reading about drugs, alcohol and sex just yet.  I wanted an age appropriate book that wasn't overwhelming, was fun and light hearted to help with the emotional and overwhelming issues that come with puberty.

And so "Help! I'm a Tween-Ager, A Girl's Guide to puberty" was created. The book explains what happens during puberty in age appropriate language and content. Throughout the book I reflect back to my experiences as I wanted it to be relatable. It covers topics like boobs, weight, exercise,  periods and those dreaded pimples. There is also chapters on social media, friendships and the schoolyard, which I found was so important when talking to young girls. The fun facts throughout the book give an interesting side, whilst the inspirational quotes that I love and live by, give a personal touch that I hope will inspire and motivate.  Fact is usually funnier than fiction so, I compiled the embarrassing stories that happened to my friends and I during our time dealing with puberty.

Overall the book is a safe haven for girls and parents can trust that the information provided is age appropriate and helps open the topic for both adult and child and hopefully keep the lines of communication open.

"Help! I'm a Tween-Ager - A Girl's Guide to Puberty" Is available on my website

 Love, Rosie xx