This week I had the amazing opportunity to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney with my personal stylist Yasmin Afoa.

Yasmin and I met through an emergency introduction by my management, Adrian from Believe Advertising. I flew into Sydney for a last minute red carpet event to be met with the amazingly talented Yasmin. Yasmin is a personal stylist for Westfield Bondi Junction, as well as head stylist for many highly successful styling companies. Yasmin's love of the industry is apparent when you meet her and her genuine love of the job shines through in the first few seconds of working with her. The way she holds herself and talks has you hanging off every word and saying "Yes I'm in! I'll wear it, I trust you!", before you've even blinked. 

We had about forty minutes to style my complete look before I was off to hair and makeup. I'm not the best at styling an outfit at all and if I'm not working, PJ's are my go to choice. I let Yasmin take the reins and she was unbelievable. I walked down the red carpet completely out of my comfort zone and it was absolutely incredible. Since then she's been the person I've trusted with my fashion decisions, when I'm not in my PJ's. 

This week we attended fashion week together, days full of fashion, styling and networking. What more could you ask for? The experience was something I'll always be thankful for and has definitely been a highlight leaving me thirsty for more!

A huge part of attending fashion week, is choosing what to wear! When it came to choosing my outfit I was completely overwhelmed, I didn't want to be over the top and wanted my style to shine through. Scrolling through Instagram to get ideas for my look I was drawn to vinyl pants and band tees, comfort yet effortless style. I love going from one style to another, a different look than I'm used to but Yasmin made it me..... with a POP!

To say I'm looking forward to next year is an understatement! My goal has always been to be on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, front row or on the runway, the atmosphere of just being there is worthy of a years wait. 

Yasmin's Details are below

Insta- @yasminafoa

Website- www.yasminastyle.com

Mobile - 0416 043 045