Mother's Day

Mother's Day to me is such a special day, it's a day dedicated to one of the most inspirational people in my life, my mum and not to mention my Grandma and my Nanna who are two very amazing women also.

When I was younger, Mother's Day meant buying mum the latest pair of pajamas and telling her how much we all loved her with breakfast in bed and hugs and kisses. Today though, after becoming a mother myself, it means so much more to me. My mother is an amazing woman and after raising four children herself, is a huge inspiration when it comes to raising my four.

Of course I still buy her the traditional yearly pair of pjs but, there is also an underlying meaning to them now, an unspoken "tip of the hat" to someone who gave me and my brothers and sister her everything to make sure we had everything we needed. To someone who was there for me whenever I needed to talk or chat and for someone who still is there whenever I need her to be. If I could be half the mother to my kids that my mum was to me, I will know I've done a fantastic job in raising my kids,

My kids truly are my world and mean so much to me, watching them grow and become individual people amazes me everyday; guiding them and listening to them in every way possible is something I treasure. They are all such different kids, however, still so similar and I feel like I relate to them in so many ways.

My favourite part about Mother's Day is receiving the hand made gifts and cards that they make at school and the effort they put into making them, seeing their face light up when they see me gush over their handmade things is priceless. I may not ever use any of the items like, the usual key chain that only lasts a day before beads are scattered all over my kitchen, or the hand made mug that you can't use because if it gets wet it will fall apart, or my favourite, the hand made T-shirt that you can never wear because you can't wash it. None of that matters because it came from their hearts and means as much to them as it does to me.

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there, remember you're loved and treasured, are a big part of so many lives and the whole world to the special little people who call you Mummy.

Love, Rosie