My very first massage!

On Monday I was lucky enough to have my very first massage. Yes that's right, I've never in my 32 years had a massage! I've been called crazy by many friends who can't live without them, most of them using a massage as their treat for 'me time'. I don't really know why I've never had one; the thought of lying still for an hour while I have a billion other things I could be doing, doesn't really appeal to me, same as Yoga! I find myself thinking of my grocery list over perfecting my downward dog 😬 Going to a spa, isn't high on my list either, where you're surrounded by other massage clients. Then when the massage is finished you have to walk out and drive yourself home, which undoes the relaxation. Although, my husband insists that it's just my driving style...

So when I was approached by Blys Massage, a new company starting in Brisbane, who offer a mobile massage service to your home, I was a little more open to it. I went with a full body massage which is valued at $99 and for someone who's never experienced this before, my masseuse was awesome! She explained everything she was doing and talked me through the whole thing. The booking process was so easy too and all done online, I could also choose if I wanted a male or female masseuse. 

I think the best part was choosing the music, I thought a typical massage would have relaxation music, rainforests and chirping birds that would surely put me to sleep, only for me to be woken to the sound of my own snoring and possibly a small puddle of drool from the corner of my mouth! So, when I was asked what type of music I would like, I looked at the girl confused. Every part of my being instinctively wanted to blurt out 'One Direction please!' However, even though she was going to be touching my entire body, we weren't good enough friends just yet for me to admit my love of the boy band. She did give me a wide variety of music options though and I ended up settling on 80's and 90's.  My husband later looked at me like I was insane, as he just couldn't comprehend relaxing to the dulcet tones of Jimmy Barnes screaming out the tunes of Cold Chisel or Ya Kid K telling me to Pump up the Jam. He's defiantly a ocean and a rainforest kind of guy! 

It was actually such a great experience, I was relaxed enough but didn't fall asleep and the music really made it so much more fun. I felt amazing afterwards and will definitely book again, when I'm in need of some mummy downtime!  Next time, now that I can request the same masseuse and we're friends now, I might go with early 2000 hits or make my own One Direction playlist, as a gift to my masseuse. She can thank me later 😝


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