Happy Easter

Easter in the Luik Home is usually an organised chaotic event that was much easier to orchestrate when the kids were a little younger. The magic of putting out the Easter baskets at night, a letter for the Easter Bunny and a carrot for him to chomp on from each of the kids (which I will admit is easier to digest than four times the eight reindeer carrots we have to leave every Christmas!) has all slightly diminished over the years.

It has been years since our eleven year old first questioned the existence of the famous bunny who lives on the moon claiming, "I'm not silly, no bunny can make it from the moon and back in a night" and "don't you think it's funny that those bunny feet look like dad's work boots... just saying". Then the fights between them all about who ate who's chocolate. "You ate mine, now I'm going to eat yours".  The reality was that my husband and I were the guilty ones, sneaking a quick chocolate fix when the kids were asleep. Apparently the younger ones do actually take notice of how many eggs are in their basket.

When we had one child we used to get carried away and buy an overload of chocolate, but now that we have four kids, even I get a bit sick thinking about the amount of chocolate that could potentially be consumed. So I decided every Easter, the Easter Bunny would bring one big chocolate egg each, a pair of winter PJ's, a pair of slippers and a small toy. Fun and practical! Go me!

Then we would have an Easter egg hunt in the back yard.

This started off being quite the challenge when the older two would get more eggs than the younger two.  Even if they shared, it's not the same because they didn't find the eggs themselves, queue the sobbing and wailing for a good half an hour before we would repeat the egg hunt just for the youngest child; constant damage control! 

My husband and I settled the drama the following year by colour coordinating the Easter eggs for each child.  How convenient that Cadbury actually have four different colours of Easter eggs in their multi packs! With the eggs in place, each child is informed of their colour that they need to find and off they go! No fights, and they all end up helping each other! For ten precious minutes they are all best friends and the Easter bunny has brought us all together to happily indulge in the precious moment and the meaning of family and love, when, it all too quickly ends and they are back at each other, with;

"My eggs are bigger than yours"

"You got one more egg than me" 

"No I didn't you ate mine!!" 

And the darling eleven year old... 

"Just stop fighting, it's just rabbit poo anyway, but I'm happy to eat it all for you just so you don't get sick" 

Queue the wailing for another half an hour. 

Happy Easter!! 

Love, Rosie