Nerium Skin Care

This week I'm reviewing a product I've been using for a few months now. I was approached by Nerium International to try their anti ageing skin care. 

At first I was highly offended anyone even thought I needed anti ageing skin care, but then I realised I am actually 32 and I do need to start looking at skin care that helps with the reality of ageing. After all prevention is better than cure, right? Right?!

So the creams come in two 30mL extremely cute bottles, one white for day cream and one black for night cream. Even I can't stuff that up! They cost around $300 for the two creams together, you can buy them individually too. Personally, I thought this was quite expensive and I'm honestly not big on skin products. However, I did my research and for good quality skin care the price is actually very reasonable and for the results, I would say it's worth it. I've found the products last about six weeks and I use them once a day. Every. Single. Day.

They are simple to use and for someone who wears minimal makeup (if I'm not working) it doesn't feel too heavy on my skin, which is great. I also, having four kids, have next to no time in the mornings for luxuries like skin care. So, it's a huge plus that it's so quick and easy to use and absorbs pretty much straight away. The day cream is a great moisturiser and leaves my skin feeling really refreshed.

At night I try to make a little more time to pamper myself. Which means, I may get an extra 3 minutes before the kids realise I've disappeared and they desperately need me. I always love going to bed knowing my skin is being cared for overnight. 

I have really noticed a difference in the quality of my skin and my skin feels more hydrated, I have noticed those pesky 'expression lines' in my forehead have become less prominent too. Overall it's a great product and one I will continue to use, it smells really good too and even my husband, who is now on the wrong side of mid 30's 😝 has taken a liking to it. 

Love, Rosie

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