So, I Decided to try a Waist Trainer!!

The use of waist trainers has been around for decades, they are supposed to help with exercise, shaping your waist and helping your muscles post baby. My Nanna was first to tell me 12 years ago that after I gave birth to our first baby, to make sure I wear spanks for the first eight weeks, as it helps recovery and your body to go back into pre baby shape.

Now let's get one thing straight, your body, no matter how much you squeeze it into a pair of to tight pants, will ever be the same after a baby!! I was 21 at the time I had our first child, so once my young naive brain dealt with the fact my body would never be the same, I thought I would try out a pair of spanks to see if they helped me at all. I can honestly say, it was the best piece of advice I received from anyone in regards to having a baby. Heaps better than the eye rolling comments and advice like; 

"enjoy your free time now, once bub is born you'll have none" like Duh

"don't give your baby a dummy, it will ruin his teeth" excuse me but I'll give my baby anything that helps bring on sleep.

Or the worst one.

"Say good bye to your relationship" like what even is that?? 

The spanks actually, absolutely helped my recovery and I ended up using spanks after every pregnancy I had and it's now my advice to expecting mothers, "Get yourself a pair of body crushing spanks!!" And a Bumbo for down the track.

I was asked by a lot of people which brand I used and a few of my good friends are expecting right now. I can tell you the spanks of 2017 are vastly different to the ones I used nearly 12 years ago. The 'Waist Trainer' as it's now called, is a new fad used by many celebrities, apparently like Kylie Jenner, to shape your waist. I thought I'd give it a go and see what it's like. Granted, I'm not post partum, nor am I planning to be again, but the trainer is supposed to be good for posture and while you exercise too. 

I received my 'Waist Trainer' in the mail and after unpacking it, I looked at the leather corset and my first thought was, does it come with a whip. The garment is leather and has 3 lines of metal hooks running down the front, obviously you start with the outer hooks and are eventually able to move to the most inner row. It's actually a very intimidating item of clothing. I decided  to try it straight away and so I put it around my waist and started hooking it together.

I got about three hooks down before it was so tight my breathing ability was severely jeopardised. I then picked up the instructions, where it clearly stated. 

"Make sure you have the correct size trainer for your body, forcing it on can severely damage the Waist Trainer"

THE WAIST TRAINER???? What about my body?? I'm only three hooks in and it's already trying to kill me!!!

My husband laughed endlessly at me as I tried to do the thing up, eventually and surprisingly with no damage to the precious 'Waist Trainer' I was able to do it all the way up. I lasted a total of 20 minutes with it on, before I couldn't stand it anymore. 

The relief I felt when my entire midsection was released from the 18the century constraint was amazing. So many thoughts then ran through my head, how the crap are you supposed to live like this and why the crapping hell would anyone put themselves through this torture.

I then decided I would try to wear it at night time as you're asleep and your body has no idea what it's going through pain wise. That unfortunately didn't work either, it was worse, as lying flat on your back made breathing harder and less likely. I was probably not going to wake up in the night if I'd have kept it on, slowly being strangled to death unknowingly. 

"Mum of four dies in sleep from being stupid enough to wear a 'Waist Trainer' to bed" 

I could see the headline now. So I ditched that idea and tried to persevere. I started wearing the trainer for as long as I could stand each day and night and then I decided to use it while exercising. Which I have to admit was amazing. Women who've had babies will understand how it can be hard to keep your core on and your muscles in position for your workout, to get the most out of it. The waist trainer was so helpful and I ran my whole 5km with it on and kept it on through my core exercises. It helped my posture immensely and I actually found I could do more reps than I could without it.

Two weeks later and I'm up to the second line of hooks and I can actually see a difference, I feel my posture has improved and exercising is easier. When I'm at home I can wear the trainer for up to six hours and I can now go most of the night with it on. 

I actually love it and although it takes you a while to become friends with, (once you realise it is not trying to kill you but instead help you) If you stick with it you might love it just as much too.

Love, Rosie