The Week That Was....

This last week has been unbelievably busy, we started off gang busters on Monday and I had the opportunity to work with some really talented creative's at my latest photo-shoot. We focused on getting some black and white folio pictures done and once that was out of the way, we got into the fun of throwing water around the studio. I wanted to do something different with this shoot and that's exactly what we achieved. I stood in a pool for half a day, posing while I had water thrown over me, tough day in the office!  To say it was fun was an understatement and I was just so ecstatic with how the shots turned out.

Monday was also Halloween, not something that my husband and I have ever really celebrated, however our old neighbourhood did it VERY well and now we may be a little hooked.  I walked back in the door after my shoot at 7pm to find four creatures from the "other side" in my living room. They had prepared their face make up and had waited all afternoon for me to get home so we could go and "Trick or Treat" around the neighbourhood. They were just so excited and we couldn't dampen their spirits even though the rain that started pelting down made a valiant attempt.  We all piled in the car and luckily found a few houses still giving out lollies and it absolutely made the kids week!. Other than a fairly impromptu adventure with the kids, what also made the day so special were the videos my husband sent me of all the kids getting along, helping each other get their costumes sorted and putting their make-up on each other. (its the little things)

The kids have recently started trampolining on Tuesdays, which isn't even a word but it is a sport apparently.  We head down to the local hall and watch for two hours as the kids tumble and jump their little hearts out. After I got over my urge to shoo all the kids out of the way and get up on those trampolines myself and show them all how its done. I sat back and watched how my kids interacted with each other and their peers, something that I rarely get the chance to do and it made me so happy to watch them laughing and having fun with their friends. Of course when classes finish at 6:30pm, I have four "Hangry" children on my hands.  The laughing soon fades and I was reminded, as my seven year old started flaring her nostrils at me, how horrid it would be if I didn't make it home and feed them in the next ten minutes! How quickly they can change!!!!

Wednesday was a visit to the ABC radio station to talk about modern families and how they are made in all shapes and sizes. I spoke about my experience as a surrogate and discussed how to explain it all to children. I had the privilege of meeting two other amazing women in the process and it was great to hear a little about their lives and the paths they have also travelled.

After the interview wrapped up, I had a meeting down the road with the talented illustrator of my new book which is soon to be released.  Sitting down and plotting out all our ideas and seeing it all come to fruition gives me goosebumps.  It is one of my favourite parts of creating a book and these illustrations are really something different.  I'm so excited to share the finished product with you all very soon!

I was scheduled for a big Thursday afternoon and evening shoot which was a little of a new challenge for me.  The shoot was for a video campaign of a meditation seat in the middle of five very busy locations, lots of crowds and lots of staring!  Finding my Zen can be really hard at the best of times! The shoot was a lot of fun and the team created some awesome footage and captured some behind the scenes fun too. 

Saturday we took our two best behaved children (really just the two who still allow me to dress them as I want) to The Stakes Day family event at Doomben. I was honoured enough to be invited to judge the Family and Kids Fashions on the Field. After my two finally accepted  the fact that they weren't allowed to enter or win the competition (snow cones really help with tears) I was up and judging. It was such a fun experience and although tough to choose between so many gorgeous entrants, it all turned out really well and some amazing prizes were won. The two ladies that I joined on the judging panel were so lovely and inspiring.  It is great when you connect with like minded people and know that there will  be more to come and more to share with each other in the future. 

So after such a busy week, I'm looking forward to another jam packed week, kicking goals and knocking some more things off my to do list.